Mixed Brewery Trading Cards

Mixed Brewery Trading Card Packs

All packs contain 5 cards:

1x Brewery Card
1x Pet/Mascot Card
1x Citra Cryo Black Rare or Full Art Ultra Rare Beer Card
2x Standard 1st Gen Beer Cards

All cards inside are from a mixture of different breweries

Full Art Ultra Rare Beer Cards 1:5

Also includes a chance to find one off, Special Edition Trading Cards and Prize Cards

Brewery Card -  1:1
Pet/Mascot Card - 1:1
1st Gen Beer - 2:1
Citra Black Cryo - 4:5
Full Art Holographic - 1:5
Rookie 1st Gen Beer Card - 1:10
Rookie Full Art Holographic - 1:37
Golden Can Prize - 1:3,330