Card Type & Rarity

Brewery Packs:
  • Each brewery enters 5 cards into the game. 1x Brewery Card, 1 Pet/Mascot Card, 2x Standard Beer Cards and 1x Citra Cryo Black Card.
  • Every brewery has 250 trading card packs made up for them that contain these 5 cards. Once those 250 packs are gone for the Season, you'll have to try to find their cards in Mixed Brewery packs.
  • The more popular the brewery, the quicker these packs will go. This also means that a popular breweries cards will be rarer to find and will eventually carry more value.
Mixed Brewery Packs:
  • Each pack contains 5 cards. 1x Brewery Card, 1x Pet/Mascot Card, 2x Standard Beer Cards and 1x Rare card (Either a Citra Cryo Black or a Full Art Beer Card).
  • The cards inside will be from a random mix of different breweries.
  • There are an unlimited amount of Mixed Brewery packs in circulation, however, Season 1 cards and packs will no longer be produced upon the start of Season 2.
Card Types:
  • Brewery Card - These cards show the logo and information of a specific brewery. 
  • Pet/Mascot - Every brewery creates a Pet/Mascot based on something synonymous with the brewery, so it could be a dog or cat, a person, or an object to do with the breweries history or location.
  • Standard Beer - Every brewery enters at least 3 beers into the game. 2 of these beers are made into 1st gen standard beer cards and are relatively common to find.
  • Citra Cryo Black - This is the beer that the brewery either regards as being the most special of the 3 beers, or has the highest Untappd rating of the 3.
  • Full Art Beer - Some breweries enter a 4th Beer Card. This is an Ultra Rare, fully holographic card called a Full Art Card. An independent beer artist is asked to design the card based on the cans artwork. 22 breweries entered a Full Art Card for Season 1.
  • Rookie Beer - Rookie beer cards are from breweries that are in their first year of trading when they enter Battle Of The Breweries. These breweries could become household names, so owning their Rookie cards could be huge! There are 7 Rookie breweries in Season 1. 3 of those Rookie breweries have Full Art Cards.
  • (Because Season 1 took over 2 years to develop, some breweries may be well into their 2nd year of brewing, but are still classed as 'Rookies' for Season 1).
  • Error Cards - As with any trading card game, there may be minor errors somewhere on some of the cards. Overall, there are just under 18,000 individual pieces of information on Season 1's cards. If you find an error, keep hold of it as it'll be corrected for future print runs and will mean that you hold a very rare card.
Rookie Breweries:
3 Postales - Peru
Amity Brew Co - England
Copper Beech Brewing Company - England
Daft Brewing - Canada
Hideaway Brewing Co - England
Taboo Craft Brew - Russia
Tartarus Brewing - England
Full Art Cards:
These can only be found in Mixed Brewery trading card packs. There are currently only 63 of each Full Art card in circulation.
#009 - 2Toms Brewing - Blue Hawaiian
#016 - Amity Brew Co - Waterpistol *Rookie
#022 - Bang The Elephant Brewing - Hobi-wan-kenHOBI
#015 - Beer Ink - Starbeer
#014 - Brasserie des Vagabonds - Burnsy's Irish Stout
#005 - Brasseurs du Monde - 25°
#006 - Brouwerij Frontaal - Come Back To Earth
#011 - Copper Beech Brewing Company - One Night In Laguna *Rookie
#002 - Full Circle Brew Co - Saturn V Rises
#017 - Galea Craft Beers - Antwerp
#010 - Little Critters Brewing Company - Sultanas Of Swing
#004 - Moersleutel Craft Brewery - 8719992492411 Barcode Mint Green
#003 - Mortalis Brewing - Cerberus | Berries + Cream
#007 - One Drop Brewing Co - Double Vanilla Custard Nitro Imperial Thickshake IPA
#018 - Pastore Brewing and Blending - Il Vigneto
#019 - Pentrich Brewing Co - Birthdays In Isolation
#020 - Pomona Island Brew Co - Chevron Action Flash
#012 - RedWillow Brewery - Ageless
#001 - Salama Brewing Co - Blue Dozer
#021 - Shiny Brewing - BRRRRR
#013 - Tartarus Beers - King Arthur - *Rookie
#008 - Uiltje Brewing - Superb-Owl
This is the rarity of each card type found in Mixed Brewery trading card packs. (1:5 means that on average, 1 out of every 5 packs could include this card type, however, if you purchase 5 packs, there's no guarantee it'll include this card type)
1:1 - Brewery 
1:1 - Pet/Mascot 
2:1 - 1st Gen Standard Beer Card 
4:5 - Citra Cryo Black Beer Card 
1:5 - Full Art Beer Card
1:10 - Rookie Beer 
1:37 - Rookie Full Art Beer