• What's the difference between Mixed Brewery, and Brewery Packs? - Brewery packs contain the cards from one specific brewery, meaning that you can purchase these cards and immediately play as this brewery in the game. Mixed Brewery packs contain 5 cards from random breweries. Mixed Brewery packs are also the only packs that contain Full Art or Special Edition Cards.
  • Are the Trading Cards in the base set the same cards found in Trading Card packs? - Yes, they're exactly the same. So for example, if you wanted to collect Northern Monk, it's the exact same cards in the Card Game box that are also in the Trading Card packs.
  • Does every box contain the same specific 15 breweries? - Yes, every box has the same 15 breweries inside. For Season 2, these breweries will change.
  • How do 'Seasons' work? - Seasons are years in our world. Season 1 has 130 breweries in the game. Season 2 will begin in December, 2022. New breweries will then have their cards made, and existing breweries can now add new beers and cards.
  • Are Season 2's cards any different to Season 1's? - Yes, there will be some new additions and changes to the cards, with more special edition and rare card types being created. You'll be able to use Season 2's cards in Season 1's card game though and vice versa.
  • Is the Card Game hard to play? - We like to think it's fairly straightforward to learn. The vast majority of players so far have very quickly picked it up, and all seem to have their own tactics and strategy developed within their first game.
  • What's a tournament, and how can we be in one? - There are official and unofficial tournaments being held all over the world. Unofficial tournaments are smaller tournaments, not necessarily set up by ourselves, but by fans of the game or pubs, bars, breweries etc. Official tournaments are larger tournaments set up by ourselves at different venues. If you see an Official tournament pop up, book your tickets to be involved, you'll be playing against other BOTB fans for big prizes, and also for a ranking on the BOTB scoreboard.


  • How can we stock BOTB? - Just get in contact with us. Anyone can stock the game and retailers can stock as many Mixed Brewery packs as they'd like. We have special Wholesaler pricing available. joe@battleofthebreweries.co.uk
  • Can we stock a specific breweries packs? - Unfortunately not. There are only a very limited amount of packs made per brewery, and it's their right to be able to sell these themselves.
  • Can we host Battle Of The Breweries nights? - Absolutely! If you'd like to host monthly nights/trading nights, as well as unofficial tournaments, we can help to support you.