Earn Rewards

Beer fans of the world, WE NEED YOU!

We know that you, the beer legend, will know more about your local community and it's breweries than we do right now, and we want every brewery to have the opportunity to be a part of our amazing game.

So, we want to offer a very easy opportunity to get your favourite breweries involved in the game, as well as make money from it and earn a couple of freebies along the way.

All you have to do is:

- Contact or talk to your local brewery and mention Battle Of The Breweries to them.
- Let them know that we're currently looking for breweries to join Season 2 of the game, starting in November/December this year. We've got a lot of work to do, so we need to get entries organised early on.
- Tell them to email us (joe@battleofthebreweries.co.uk) with their interest in joining the game.

We'll take over from there and provide all of the information on how to join.

If they do join, you'll get:
- 2 packs of their Trading Cards, 1 of which will be signed by the BOTB creators.
- 1 copy of each of their Ultra Rare cards if they enter any

Depending on how many breweries you get to join the game, you'll earn a discount on any Season 2 purchases made from our own webshop or from us at events:

1-3 Breweries = 10% Discount
4-6 Breweries = 15% Discount
7-10 Breweries = 20% Discount
10+ Breweries = 30% Discount

If you'd like extra information, feel free to message us on Social Media or email us directly.